Mexico·February 28 - March 3 2024

Ancestral Wisdom Expedition

Embark on a transformative five-day journey, immersing yourself in the profound wisdom of Indigenous Medicine and Eastern Traditions

Ancestral Wisdom Expedition

Mexico· February 28 - March 3 2024· 4 nights




Dive deep into a profound adventure amidst the breathtaking Mayan Jungle and a private Balam-ha Cenote, where you will delve into the timeless teachings of Indigenous Wisdom and other ancient traditions from around the world. At the heart of this transformative experience lies a pinnacle event—an awe-inspiring Fire Prayer Ceremony. As the sun sets and darkness embraces the surroundings, we will gather to dance, sing, sweat, and partake in the sacred medicine of the Wirrarika people. Within this vibrant celebration, we will honor the elements of life and embark on a spiritual journey that transcends time, carrying us around the fire from sunset to sunrise. Through this experience you will immerse yourself in mystical teachings, connect with the wisdom of the ancients, and cultivate a profound sense of inner growth and gratitude in the luscious environment of the Mayan Jungle and Cenotes territory.


Fire Prayer Ceremony with Ancestral Ceremonia Ritual

Fire Prayer Ceremony with Ancestral Ceremonia Ritual

Immerse into the jungle for the night as we dance, sing, and pray around the fire while eating the cactus medicine from the Wirrarika Tribe. This ceremony will be centered around gratitude for the elements, the directions, and the presence of Life. We will be led and guided by a family who has been working with this medicine, these rituals, and sharing these prayers for many generations.

Lush Jungle Villas with a Private Cenote

Lush Jungle Villas with a Private Cenote

Our venue is a true hidden gem of the region - The villas sit deep in the jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula with a private cenote on site that carries a magic one can only experience. Other amenities include wifi, on-site laundry service, hot water, and a private pool.

Eastern Philosophy Integration Practices

Eastern Philosophy Integration Practices

Experience and engage in practices rooted from Eastern wisdom including Buddhism, the Vedas, Sufism, and Chinese Medicine. These practices provide wisdom that you may carry home with you to sustain the gratitude developed through the expedition.

Full Day Cenote Exploration

Full Day Cenote Exploration

Explore the beauty of the region we will be staying in! We will visit different sacred cenote sites and learn of the ancient history that they carry within the Mayan Era. These water sites are cooling, beautiful, refreshing, and absolutely a unique site to see in this world.

Temezcal Ceremony

Temezcal Ceremony

A sweat lodge ceremony deeply rooted in the Mayan culture and history that will take place prior to the fire prayer ceremony. The local shamans will guide us through traditional rituals and practices purifying the body, mind, and spirit.

High Quality Meals w/ Private Chef

High Quality Meals w/ Private Chef

We will enhance the experience by providing meals and food that are high in quality, nutrients, and vitality. Our chef is top tier with quality, presentation, personality, and service.


Satsang Adventures & Ancestral Ceremonia Ritual

Satsang Adventures

Satsang Adventures

Rev. James Ratliff :
M. Div Interfaith Studies Candidate, EOLD, E-RYT 500

James believes that all spiritual paths spring forth from the same well of divine being and brings the essence of many traditions to his classes and workshops. 
He has served and studied in various parts of the world having finished his yoga studies in Nepal, being a member of Performers Without borders in Africa, and leading various retreats throughout Central America. His main teachings focus on how to cultivate a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and a joyful heart.

Kristin H. Ratliff : 
M.A. Yoga Studies Candidate, E-RYT 500, AHA

Kristin is passionate about sharing practices with others to help alleviate suffering of the physical, mental, & emotional bodies.
She believes, through study & experience, that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional - and with the introduction of small minor adjustments in one’s daily habits over a period of time - one can vastly reduce discomforts physically & mentally in daily life.

Ancestral Ceremonia Ritual

Ancestral Ceremonia Ritual

A family native to the land that provides ceremonies of all sorts - from cacao and temezcals to weddings and baptisms. 
Juan and his family honor their traditions through sharing it's beauty of dance and ancestral music to the community that curates around them.







2/28 : Arrival

Arrive to Cancun

Transport to Venue


Opening Satsang Circle

* Transportation from Cancun International Airport to the venue will be included *

** Dinner will be the first meal provided. 



2/29 : Ceremony Day

Rising Meditation


Breathwork and Movement Practice

Free Time


Ayurveda Workshop 

Free Time 

Early Dinner

Temezcal Ceremony

Fire Prayer Ceremony



3/1 : Rest and Rejuvinate

Closing Ceremony Cleansing


Rest - Free Time - 


Eastern Philosophy Workshop

Share Circle 


Satsang around the Fire



3/2 : Exploration

Rising Gratitude Practice


Depart for Cenotes Excursion 

Explore Cenotes + Lunch

Return to Venue 



Integration Circle



3/3 : Departure


Depart for Airport

*Transportation from the venue to Cancun International Airport will be included *

** Breakfast will be the last meal provided

What's Included

What's Included

5 days/4 nights All-Inclusive Retreat Experience

5 days/4 nights Jungle Villa Accommodations

All Transportation (Including to/from Airport)

Fire Prayer Ceremony with Wirrarika Tribe Cactus Medicine

Temezcal Ceremony

High Quality Organic Meals w/ Private Chef (3x daily)

Eastern Philosophy Integration Tools + Practices

Full Day Outing to Visit Sacred Cenote Sites

Wifi/Hot Water

Airfare to Cancun

Personal Desires (Outside food/beverages, souvenirs, etc.)

Tips to on-site staff, drivers, and shamans


Private Bungalow

Private Bungalow

A serene private space for you to relax and unwind.


Shared Bungalow

Shared Bungalow

A serene bungalow for you and one roommate to relax and unwind


Balam-ha Villas

Secluded paradise in the Mayan Jungle with comfortable cabins, a private cenote, and a beautiful open yoga shala.

We will stay in the Villas of the Balam-ha Cenote - 
At the venue you can expect access to a private cenote, a private on-site pool, a temezcal sweat lodge, and a gorgeous yoga shala for meditation practices.

The rooms include a hair dryer, wifi, hot water, towels/bedding, and a security box. 

Laundry service available upon request. 

Balam-ha Villas



A huge thank you to the retreat leaders Kristin & James for a beautiful trip! I know you poured so much into the planning of an international travel. I felt so secure and free to heal with all that you provided. Safe travels as you continue to spread your love and knowledge. Can’t wait to join on a trip in the future!

Alyxa Tovar


“Mettamorphosis has a special place in my heart. I overcame a lot of fears, experienced new things, created bonds and deepened existing ones. I felt like I was finally able to open up and share my inner struggles with a safe and understanding group. Travel was easy, food and venue were great, the people even better! A good mix of classes, excursions, free time. A wonderful experience overall and I cannot wait for future travels with you all. I feel like I have found my community - I am forever grateful for my time in Akumal. Thank you Kristin and James for a wonderful experience.”



I just wanted to send a quick note about what a great experience I had with Satsang Adventures. I am so grateful for the opportunity to join you on this glorious adventure in healing and curating joy. I was able to dive deep into my spitirual self and do that inner work that is so hard to do in my busy life. You made everything so smooth, carefree, and easy. I didn’t have to worry about anything, instead I fully embraced the journey. Thank you for everything. I love you both and I can’t wait to go on another adventure with you.

Alicia Spanswick


“I felt safe and comfortable from the very first moment I sent an email to Kristin. Her loving energy was present the whole retreat, and that allowed me to feel relaxed and more comfortable around strangers that soon became friends. I have issues socializing and had many fears that magically dissolved during this retreat. I learned that behind every fear, there's a gift waiting for us. James' wisdom and classes always opened my eyes to a new perspective. His compassion and love towards humanity are contagious and have inspired me to be more kind and forgiving. I appreciate the good work they put us through. I needed that push and motivation to search within and let go. I accomplished many spiritual goals I set for myself before attending, which I've struggled in the past to accomplish on my own (even with help such as therapy and multiple modalities), and I almost felt like giving up. Through this retreat, a miracle occurred, and I was able not only to forgive people who have done me wrong in the past but understand the divine purpose behind it. I also received many spiritual answers and messages about my journey. They brought so much clarity and peace to my soul. I'm glad I trusted my intuition and went to this retreat. Everyone involved had pure intentions, which made a huge difference for me, from the shaman, healers, lady that cleaned, and chefs that warmed my heart and soul. Kristin and James are individual powerful sources of wisdom, kindness, and light. Combined together, they bring miracles and eternal connections. Eternally grateful.”



I have never experienced such connection and grace. This experience was indescribable and beyond every expectation I had.


Add Ons

Seva Scholarship

Seva Scholarship

Provide a donation to aid a friend and reduce the ticket price for another


Seva Scholarship

Seva Scholarship

Provide a donation to aid a friend and reduce the ticket price for another




This medicine is a sacred cactus medicine native to the territory of Mexico that provides teachings of gratitude, joy, and clarity.

Here is a description from a tribe member : 

"The medicine is teacher, master; it is the Blue Deer, the one who determines from the four directions where the sacred song is summoned, where he teaches us to speak, how to heal, how to make cures, and that is why this is very sacred. Through the messages of the medicine, we cure ourselves in the ceremony. There we see the news and the ancestral messages, and we see how we have to act."
— Mara’akame Juan José Ramírez, “Urruamire”

Cancun International Airport

We will provide transportation from this Airport to the venue in Akumal.

If you arrive at another airport it will be your responsibility to find transportation either to Cancun or Akumal.

There are currently no mandates or requirements for entry into Mexico. 

Absolutely not!

We have hosted an age range from 18 - 70 in our retreats. 
We make particular note to make these experiences accessible to all those who desire to go.

You do not need a Visa for travel to Mexico if you are staying less than 180 days. 

We will provide transportation to and from the airport. 

Prior to departure you will receive notice to provide airfare information and we will contact you with further information on pick-up information.

We are blessed to have hot water showers along with wifi and daily cleaning in the rooms. 

Each room will have a fan & windows for the breeze, but will not have AC units. 

The venue is kind enough to offer laundry services to each guest - we ask that you coordinate loads & limit to one load for the week. 

Tips are not required but encouraged for the staff providing the service. 

We will provide filtered water at the venue that is safe to drink. 

We are not responsible for any water consumed outside of the Villa parameters. 

We like to use for our insurance. Please note that travel insurance is not included or required, but it is highly recommended. 

In the unlikely event you do get sick, our venue will be able to call a nearby hospital and/or doctor.

Please be sure to double check that you bring any medications that you normally take - the pharmacy in foreign countries can be tricky and you should not rely on receiving what you need there.If you are on regular medication or have any allergies we require that you inform us. All medical information will be kept confidential and is only used to keep you safe and in case of emergency.

US Dollars are likely to be accepted by most within the area, however it is not guaranteed. 

We highly recommend exchanging at the airport or pulling from an ATM upon arrival to obtain the local currency - this usually makes things cheaper as well!