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At Satsang Adventures, we're here for many things. For adventurous retreats that challenge us, outside and in.


Yoga, Meditation & Travel

There are many ways to heal our wounds, many paths to wellness.

“The path less travelled leads us to new discoveries and personal enlightenment. It also takes us to some of the most breathtaking places the planet has to offer.”



We live in a world more connected than ever, but how many of us feel real connection?

How many of us have a community that can support us, help us to grow, help us to thrive?

At Satsang Adventures you’ll discover much more than an all-inclusive retreat. 

Our Experiences

We focus on yoga, meditation and travel because we know it works. It was how we healed our own wounds, both individually and as a couple.

Our adventure yoga retreats are designed to make sure others can enrich their lives in the same way, and experience transformational healing first-hand through the discovery of adventure, community and personal truth.

A Himalayan Odyssey - Nepal

October 24 - November 7 2023· 14 nights

A Himalayan Odyssey - Nepal

The ultimate pilgrimage for spiritual seekers into the Heart of the Himalayas.


Take a Look

At Satsang Adventures you’ll discover much more than an all-inclusive retreat. You’ll find an celebration of the natural world around us, plus a deep dive into our own internal habitats.

You’ll find yoga, meditation and breathwork alongside adventures designed to nourish body and spirit.

Satsang Adventures

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