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Our adventure yoga retreats are designed to make sure others can enrich their lives in the same way, and experience transformational healing first-hand through the discovery of adventure, community and personal truth.


Kristin & Satya

Partners Kristin Bird and  Satya found their truest and most authentic selves through the experiences of yoga, community, and travel. The spiritual discipline of yoga opened their hearts to the many truths of the world and they felt it was their purpose to spread the joy of being to everyone. Utilizing the same tools that helped them find their bliss, Satsang Adventures came into existence.  Satsang is said to be a sacred gathering of truth and it is our passion to combine Satsang with adventures that light the soul on fire.




M.Div Interfaith Divinity, EOLD, 700 E-RYT

Rev. Satyajaiananda  (formerly James Ratliff) is 700HR RYT specializing in Hatha Yoga and an ordained Interfaith Minister through All Paths Divinity School. He was bestowed the name Satyajaiananda when he was ordained at the Parliament of World Religions by Dr. Rev. Andre Van Zyl, a veteran member of the Advaita Vedanta Society in Los Angeles California, and co-owner of All Paths Divinity School.
He is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Interfaith Divinity studying the many truths of the world and how they are related. 
Rev. Satya believes that all spiritual paths spring forth from the same well of divine being and brings the essence of many traditions to his classes and workshops. 

Rev. Satya has served and studied in various parts of the world having finished his yoga studies in Nepal, being a member of Performers Without borders in Africa, and leading various retreats throughout Central America and Asia
His main teachings focus on how to cultivate a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and a joyful heart.



Kristin Bird

800 E-RYT, YACEP, AHA, M.A. Yoga Therapy Candidate

Kristin is a full time teacher of Integrative Holistic Health practices.
She found yoga in 2018 and has spent the years since studying immersive experiences of culture, religion, and spirituality around the world.
During this time she grew to leading workshops, programs, and retreats on mind body medicine practices in domestic and international settings.

Kristin is passionate about integrating eastern wisdom practices with the western medical model and has devoted her life to learning and sharing practices that alleviate suffering of the physical, mental, and emotional bodies. 

She believes, through study and experience, that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional - and with the introduction of small minor adjustments in one’s daily habits over a period of time - one can vastly reduce discomforts physically and mentally in daily life.

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We live in a world more connected than ever, but how many of us feel real connection? How many of us have a community that can support us, help us to grow, help us to thrive?

At Satsang Adventures you’ll discover much more than an all-inclusive retreat.