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There are many ways to heal our wounds, many paths to wellness.

“The path less travelled leads us to new discoveries and personal enlightenment. It also takes us to some of the most breathtaking places the planet has to offer.”

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As a natural skeptic I approach many experiences with a discerning eye looking for authenticity and integrity.  Satsung Adventures provides both those things with dedication, as well as connection, community, lots of variety in activities and multi-cultural experiences, tours, philosophical discussions, probing questions and deep guidance into self actualization.  I am humbled beyond words.  I want to share my most sincere gratitude for the retreat I enjoyed and I highly recommend the experience to any soul seeker who's ready for real self growth.


Life Changing Retreat - went to Cancun/Akumal yoga and plant medicine and cenotes tour retreat and I had on of the best experiences of my life. I will forever be greatful for the people, places, and activities that I experienced. Satya and Kristin are amazing hosts , teachers, and people.

Jade Chaney

I have gone on several retreats with Satsang Adventures and will definitely be attending more at the very next opportunity. Satya and Kristin provide an enriching experience which can only happen when there are several things in place. A few being a feeling of being seen, safe and loved. The growth that I have experienced under their mentorship is invaluable. Highly recommend!! I’ll see you there.

Brandy Childress

Kristin and Satya are truly a dynamic force of authentic expression and soulful delight. Together, they curate deep and transformative experiences infused with integrity, reverence, and joy. For this Satsang Adventure, we journeyed to Akumal, Mexico, where we immersed ourselves in ancestral wisdom traditions and the serenity of the jungle. This was an adventure of a lifetime! If you’re looking for an expansive, rich, and meaningful experience, you’ve come to the right place. I truly cannot recommend them highly enough!

Shannon Mclain

I have been on two dimension-shifting adventures with the Satsang crew. Both trips were thoughtfully planned, financially accessible, and absolutely incredible experiences.

In 2022 I travelled to Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua for a week of meditation, yoga, culture, and joy. I dived deep into my heart during our meditation and yoga practices. I pushed past some physical boundaries that I didn’t think was possible. This retreat lead to so much emotional, physical, and spiritual growth and I am so grateful.

This year, 2023, we travelled to Nepal for another well planned adventure. This trip was much more of a cultural exchange, though we did do some yoga and meditation. Again I experienced so much growth and pushed past more limits. The highlight for me was spending time living with a family in a village of rice famers. Oh and one can hardly put into words the majesty of the Himalayan mountains. I can’t predict if I will be able to go back, but those memories will live with me forever.

I cannot wait for my next trip with Satsang Adventures. I know it will be remarkable.

Alicia Spanswick

Kristin and Rev. Satya led an amazing and life changing retreat in a beautiful rainforest when I joined them for their Mettamorphosis retreat. Their leadership opened a door for me to better understand and love myself as well as how to better understand and love others. I can’t wait to join them on another retreat. If you are thinking about joining them, do your future self a favor and just say yes!

Kirstin Hossalla

I have participated in a few Satsang Adventures gatherings. I’ve been able to expand my horizons with the experiences offered and I can’t wait for the next adventure with this group. Being a part of this group has opened my heart and soul in countless ways. Great job!

Rosemary Lambert

Absolutely incredible travel company! Rev. Satya and Kristin know how to put together a memorable and fun packed schedule filled with adventure and much much more. Everything is taken care of by the two of them, and you are truly in the best hands when traveling and adventuring with them. <3

Alicia Rendon

Incredible and beautiful experiences with Kristin and Rev. Satya -the soul is filled, the heart expands.  Safe, fun, peaceful and energetic with healthy foods, amazing people-all with Satsangadventures!

Marrene Harris

I embarked on the Metamorphosis retreat in Akumal, Mexico.
First I want to say that Kristin and Rev.Satya were both very patient with me while I was deciding on going on the trip - I felt absolutely no pressure from them. This was my first time out of the country and it was the smoothest and best experience that I could’ve had.
The trip was life changing and I was able to dive into more into my spiritual and personal practice. I also made so many beautiful connections and I was able to strengthen ones that I already had with the people present.
I will forever be grateful for this experience!

Ariana Poole

I went to Nepal with this group recently and it was an amazing experience! It was my first retreat with Satsang Adventures and it most definitely won’t be my last. Rev.Satya and Kristin made sure everyone was taken care of, and the entire trip was well thought out, planned, and executed. I had a great time, and I highly recommend going on a trip/retreat with this crew!

Amy Woodcock

I loved my experience in Nepal with Satsang Adventures and Kristin and Rev.Satya.
They thoughtfully planned for the group, and kept everything flowing nicely for us while abroad.
The local Nepalese guides they partnered with were attentive and knowledgeable, communicative and fun.
Dancing in the rice fields and singing Resham Firiri on repeat will be forever engrained in my spirit. ✨🤩
The adventure itself was one for a lifetime, what a memorable and warm-fuzzy-feeling trip.
Yoga practices, meditation and philosophical conversations sprinkled in to the experience offered moments to reflect, connect and grow as a human.
The village home stay was perfection.
I recommend!

Jennifer Zavaleta

My first experience with Kristin and Rev. Satya - WOW!!!

I went to Nepal and stayed at the highest rated yoga school in Kathmandu.  We then we’re taken to a family home stay in Chainpur, a small village in the mountains.  We hiked to a primary school where the children met us with their handmade flower necklaces and fun morning laughing, singing, and dancing.

The most amazing part of the trip for me,  (besides everything) was the climb in the mountains to the Australian Base Camp.

I didn’t know anyone when I showed up in Kathmandu.  Kristin and Rev.Satya created an atmosphere of love and belonging.  This adventure was more than I could have ever imagined.  As someone who recently retired, I was the old lady of the group but felt love and acceptance.

The logistics of everything from travel to experiences was spot on.  It could not have been better.  I highly, highly recommend Satsang if you want an adventure of a lifetime that not only lets you experience it with your eyes but also your heart and soul.

Sylvia Ringmacher



We live in a world more connected than ever, but how many of us feel real connection?

Satsang Adventures is more than a yoga adventure retreat. 

It is an opportunity to dive into the fundamental questions of your LIFE. Why am I here? What is my purpose? 

It's an opportunity to re-ignite passions that have been lost while at the same time experiencing the beauty that this world has to offer.

Our Experiences

We focus on yoga, meditation, and travel because we know they work. It was how we healed our own wounds individually and as a couple.

Our adventure wellness retreats are designed to make sure others can enrich their lives in the same way and experience transformational healing first-hand through the discovery of adventure, community, and personal truth.

MettaMorphosis  - Jungles of Costa Rica

August 11 - 18 2024· 7 nights

MettaMorphosis - Jungles of Costa Rica

A three stage journey of release, silence, and celebration cultivating transformation through loving kindness in the heart of the jungle.


Upcoming Experiences


MettaMorphosis  - Jungles of Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo , Costa Rica

August 11 - 18 2024 · 7 nights

MettaMorphosis - Jungles of Costa Rica

A three stage journey of release, silence, and celebration cultivating transformation through loving kindness in the heart of the jungle.

FROM$3,500 /pp

Satsang in the Savannah

Nairobi , Kenya

November 6 - 16 2024 · 10 nights

Satsang in the Savannah

An African Yoga Safari of Self-Discovery

FROM$5,700 /pp


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At Satsang Adventures, you’ll discover much more than an all-inclusive retreat. You’ll find a celebration of the natural world around us, plus a deep dive into our internal habitats.

You’ll find yoga, meditation, breathwork, excursions to the most awe-inspiring destinations alongside adventures designed to nourish body and spirit.