Nepal·October 24 - November 7 2023

A Himalayan Odyssey - Nepal

The ultimate pilgrimage for spiritual seekers into the Heart of the Himalayas.

A Himalayan Odyssey - Nepal

Nepal· October 24 - November 7 2023· 14 nights




A Himalayan Odyssey takes place in the heart of Nepal's most famous cities : Kathmandu & Pokhara. The ultimate adventure for those curious about diving deeper into their spiritual practice. Nepal sits between India & Tibet - creating a beautiful melting pot culture & is home to the world’s most famous mountain range. These factors combined set the tone for the incredible energy that Nepal is. We will be immersed within traditional Eastern Philosophy, visit sacred shrines and temples, trek through the Annapurna Himalayas, learn the traditions of the Nepalese & their rituals, + much more.


A Spiritual Adventure

A Spiritual Adventure

Dive deep into practices that bring about inner peace and contentment on the day to day ~ learning the ways of Vedic Traditions from incredible Nepalese Teachers & a deep dive immersion of Buddhist and Hindi culture.

Himalayan Trek

Himalayan Trek

Spend 3 days trekking through the Annapurna Region of the Himalayan Mountain Range - a trek considered to highly accessible. We do recommend training your feet to comfortably walk 4-6 hours with some incline.

Tibetan Singing Bowl Certification

Tibetan Singing Bowl Certification

A day of education at the Nepal Yoga Home - an immersive training of Tibetan Singing Bowls. We'll learn of the history, benefits, modalities for using them, & much more.

Immerse into a Local Village & Laughter

Immerse into a Local Village & Laughter

A visit to the village of Chainpur - where we’ll experience local customs & crafts & culture - as well as a visit to the local school where we will lead a Laughter Yoga Circle.

Visit Sacred Temples & Sites

Visit Sacred Temples & Sites

We’ll visit the infamous Swayambhu Mahachaitya, AKA The Monkey Temple; Jalpa Devi Temple; & a sacred river with a rich history.

Shopping in Durbar Square & Thamel

Shopping in Durbar Square & Thamel

Durbar Square is filled with rich culture all around - from the blend of Tibetan Buddhism & Hinduism art, to the crafts and artisan designs, to intricate and impeccable architecture.

Classes with Traditional Nepalese Yoga Teachers

Classes with Traditional Nepalese Yoga Teachers

We will immerse into 4-6 classes led by teachers who live and breathe for the practice of Yoga - they come with so much wisdom to share in their classes, get ready to learn!


James & Kristin - Satsang Adventures + Local & Guest Teachers



James is 700HR RYT specializing in Hatha Yoga. 
He is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Interfaith Divinity studying the many truths of the world. 
James believes that all spiritual paths spring forth from the same well of divine being and brings the essence of many traditions to his yoga classes. James has served and studied in various parts of the world having finished his yoga studies in Nepal and being a member of Performers Without borders in Africa. 
His main teachings focus on how to cultivate a healthy body, a peaceful mind, and a joyful heart.



Kristin specializes in teaching what it is to live an integrative lifestyle of joy, peace, and Love. 
She believes in living a life led by the heart and has dedicated her life to studying what it is to be a servant of Love & the many ways that humans have cultivated tools for Inner Peace.

She received training in a variety of Yoga styles studying in Nepal & the US -- including Adaptive Therapeutic, Hatha, Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa, Iyengar, and Bikram. 
Kristin is a current student in an Ayurvedic Advisor program & has studied practices of OSHO meditations, Indigenous Wisdom teachings, and Abrahamic Faith practices through immersion.







Flight Day (October 24th)

Depart for Nepal!
(Participants living in the West)



Flight Day (October 25th)

Continue travel till arrival



Arrival/Jet Lag Adjustment Day (October 26th)

Arrive to Kathmandu 

Arrive to Nepal Yoga Home // Settle In 

Opening Circle & Introductions

Yin Yoga 



A Day in the Vedas (October 27th)

We will take a few classes with the gurus of the Nepal Yoga Home ~

A site-seeing tour will be provided by the Nepal Yoga Home



A Day in the Vedas (October 28th)

We will take a few classes with the gurus of the Nepal Yoga Home ~

A site-seeing tour will be provided by the Nepal Yoga Home



Tibetan Sound Healing (October 29th)

A day course of learning about the healing properties of Tibetan Singing Bowls

- Uses

- Benefits 

- How to use

- History

- & More



Local Village Homestay Immersion (October 30th)

- Visit the Jala Devi Temple & Tadi River

- Visit to the Devighat River & Surya Chaur Mountains

- Lunch & Dinner with locals of the village



Local Village Homestay Immersion (October 31st)

Visit to the local school 

Participate in school assembly 

Laughter Yoga Circle with Children

Free Time in Village 

** We will walk 1 hour to the school and 1 hour back from the school **



Local Village Homestay Immersion (November 1st)

Explore ancient Nepalese Historical Site (Nuwakot Durbar Square)

Return to Kathmandu

Dinner & Rest / Prep for Pokhara


DAY 10

Pokhara (November 2nd)

Fly to Pokhara 

Check in to Hotel & Lunch

Excursion Exploration in Pokhara to Phewa Lake & Handicraft Tibetan Center


DAY 11

Trekking Day (November 3rd)

Breakfast in Pokhara

Drive to mountain range & trek 2-3 hours to Dhampus village 

Dinner in Village w/ Locals


DAY 12

Trekking Day (November 4th)

Trekking 5-6 Hours to Sarangkot Village 

Rest and Dinner made by local village


DAY 13

Trekking Day (November 5th)

Trek down (3-4 hours) back to the original town 

Return to Pokhara

Rest & Regroup 

Dinner Out 


DAY 14

Thamel Square (November 6th)

Return to Kathmandu & head to Thamel 

Shopping and Free Time  

Closing Circle

Dinner Out


DAY 15

Fly Home (November 7th)

Early Rise & Head to Airport

What's Included

What's Included

15 days/14 Nights Accommodations in Various Cities/Villages

Meals for duration of stay in Nepal (3x a day)

Round Trip flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara

All Transportation within Nepal

Tibetan Singing Bowl Certification

Village Homestay Tour

Annapurna Region 3 Day Trek

Yoga Classes w/ Nepal Yoga Home Teachers

Kathmandu Site-Seeing Tours (Temples & Shopping Squares)

Pokhara Site-Seeing Tour

Additional Classes (Interfaith, Meditation, Breathwork, Etc.)

Hiking Permits

Nepal Visa Fee

Yoga Mat for Classes

Flight to Nepal

Travel Insurance

Airport Meals

Additional Food/Snacks/Drinks

Personal Souvenirs

Tips for Guides (Optional)

Add Ons


An Ayurvedic Practice which promotes relaxation & balance to the mind & body by dripping herbal oils onto the forehead


Massage (1 Hour)

A relaxing one hour massage during your stay at the Nepal Yoga Home


You'll Be Staying Here

Nepal Yoga Home

Nepal Yoga Home

A beautiful home space filled with love and the wise ancient teachings of Vedic Philosophy (Yoga + Ayurveda). 

Nuwakot Village

Nuwakot Village

The village in which we experience a few days in the life of the locals ~ an authentic experience. We will sleep in various homes within the small village. 



Staying in a cozy lodge within the world famous Annapurna Mountain Range -

Hotel Middle Path & Spa

Hotel Middle Path & Spa

We'll stay a night in the city known for it's beauty - resetting at the Hotel Middle Way & Spa ~ a refresh and reset evening before hitting the mountains.



We'll spend one day / evening in Thamel ~ eating at a local restaurant & giving you an opportunity to shop around or enjoy a cup of Masala Chai in the most populated bustling city of Nepal 


You will fly into Kathmandu (Tribhuvan) International Airport

You need to plan to arrive on October 26th. 

If you live in the West (US, Canada, Central America, Etc.) - Fly out October 24th
If you live in the East (UK, Europe, Etc.) - Fly out October 25th

All participants should book the flight home on November 7th 
Keep in mind, if you live in the West, you will not return home till November 8th. 

You will need either

- Vaccination Card w/ 2 Doses


- 72 hour or less negative covid test prior to departure

Each place we go to is properly prepared and trained for bringing in foreigners for food & water.

In the event that you do get travelers illness, each destination we visit is prepared to handle such 

It is not required for entering the country -

However general recommendations are ::

- Hepatitis A & B 
- Typhoid