United States·January 5 - 7 2024

New Year OSHO Meditation Retreat

Join us for a 3-day Retreat centered around the teachings of OSHO.

New Year OSHO Meditation Retreat

United States· January 5 - 7 2024· 2 nights




Love or hate him, OSHO was one of the most profound mystics of the 20th Century. His work and message have spread to thousands looking to enrich their lives and find meaning in a chaotic world.. Join us on a 3-day journey immersing yourself in his bold and creative meditation style to bring about a deep well of peace, gratitude, and joy unlike anything you have ever experienced. What better way to bring in the new year than to experience the joyous state of No-Mind? Find your bliss, find your joy, and learn how to access it every day of your life.


Rev. Satya

Rev. Satya

Rev.Satya is an ordained Interfaith Minister and has been facilitating Osho's meditations for over 4 years.